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Setup your dev machine

Setup your dev machine

Software development makes use of lots of tools that don’t come standard on most computers. Many tutorials you will find will say things like “install git”, “use brew to install the cli”, or something similar. It is easiest if you can set up many of these things up front, that way you are ready when you need them.

:whitecheckmark: Do the following (for Mac users):

  • Install Google Chrome
  • Install iTerm2
  • Install Homebrew and Homebrew Services
  • Install and configure git
  • Install and Configure Sublime Text 3
  • Install pyenv / python

    • brew install pyenv
    • .bash_profile is located in your home directory. (you can get there by typing cd). Open it by typing open .bash_profile.
    • Paste this code somewhere in your bash profile: if which pyenv > /dev/null; then eval "$(pyenv init -)"; fi
    • pyenv install 3.6.0
    • pyenv global 3.6.0 This sets our global python version
    • Type into the terminal python --version you should see Python 3.6.0
    • Note, pyenv also installed a program called pip that is used to download python packages
  • Install virtualenv. pip install virtualenv
  • Install node. brew install node
  • Install Postgresql. brew install postgresql, then brew services start postgresql

NOTE: To install some programs, you will need to type in your system password. When you type it in, it will not appear in the terminal (to protect your privacy), but it is working.